Welcome to Life Camp!

Life Camp is a performing arts based day camp located in Prince Georges County, Maryland just outside of Washington, DC. The primary Life Camp program  is scheduled for JUNE – AUG for the 2018 season.  Life Camp is located at Camp Springs Community Church, 8040 Woodyard Road Clinton, MD 20735. We accommodate youths  AGES 4 to 14 in our full time program and ages 15 to 18 in our specialized Maximum Impact programs. The camp hours are from 7am until 6pm.


Drop Off is from 7:00am to 7:15am and Pick Up is from 5:45pm to 6:00pm Monday-Friday in front of the Safeway at Bowie Town Center 4101 Northview Dr. Bowie, MD 20716 

Stay tuned for information on Life Camp's season finale production


It is hard to believe that Life Camp will be celebrating its 11th summer in 2018!! In 2018, we will continue to build upon our performing arts program and Life Prep Academy. Because our foundation is Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Every program we develop for Life Camp keeps this principle in mind. Life Camp is a state licensed summer day camp. Our staff is hired through the Life Camp standards and process which comply with the requirements of the State of Maryland. All counselors must submit to a federal and state criminal background check before working with any campers. We are are inspected by the State of Maryland each summer.

Camp Location:

Life Camp is located at Camp Springs Community Church located at 8040 Woodyard Rd, Clinton, MD 20735. Complete with a full gymnasium, instructional rooms and outdoor recreation areas, Camp Springs Community Church offers everything needed to facilitate our programs.

Camp Programs:

JAY CAMERON’S MAXIMUM IMPACT COMES TO LIFE CAMP (One week sessions for teens ages 15 to 18 from 8am until 10am Girls / 10:15am until 12:00pm Boys – $159 per one week session)

  • Vision – Who Will You Become As An Adult?
  • God’s Plan vs. Your Plan
  • Influences – Cultural Conditioning
  • Life Strategies – How To Position Yourself For A Life Of Success
  • You’re Not A Victim! You’re A Victor
  • Street Smarts For The Boardroom
  • Life’s Landmines – How To Navigate Them
  • The Social Media Trick Bag
  • Chasing Vapors – Money Vs. Character
  • Dealing With Parent Issues
  • The Buck Stops Here – Breaking Negative Generational Influences
  • Thinking and Acting Like An Adult
  • Self Control! – Emotions, Girls/Boys and More
  • #BOSS Money – How To Be Financially Independent Without Becoming An Athlete Or Entertainer
  • Debt Free College The Seminar
  • The Education Business Plan


This Life Camp feature places emphasis on real-life preparation. Many of our young adults are graduating from high school and college unprepared for real-life scenarios. Campers ages 10 to 14 will benefit from the following topics.

  1. Job Interview Skills & On-The-Job Conduct
  2. Personal Hygiene
  3. College Preparation
  4. Goal Setting and Career Planning
  5. Making Wise Relationship Choices
  6. Dining Etiquette
  7. Public Speaking
  8. Understanding Food Labels

Life Camp will continue to build on our tradition of financial literacy for ALL campers ages 4 to 14. Planting wise financial seeds can lead to a stable and prosperous life.


Most children spend 12 years in elementary through high school and have little exposure to a financial education. Life Camp is committed to offering a unique approach to the summer experience by adding this crucial component to our program. Understanding debt, interest, savings, investing, entrepreneurship and financial planning are elements of this FUN aspect of Life Camp.

Each age group has their own financial theme.

1. The Piggy Bankers (4 to 6 Boys and Girls)
2. The Investors (7 to 9 Boys and Girls)
3. Team Debt Free (10 to 14 Girls)
4. The Entrepreneurs (10 to 14 Boys)

From age 4 to 14, Life Camp uses age appropriate tools to help campers understand how money works. By emphasizing financial knowledge from a young age, your camper will be prepared with foundational information that can last for generations.

The Sports program offers an introduction to the fundamentals in various sports. Basketball is the focus of the Life Arts and Sports Experience. Whether your child is a beginner or more experienced, this program will enhance their current skill level.  

Life Camp offers at least four weekly field trips (except for the week of the production where more time is devoted to delivering a top-quality performance). Our goal is to expose campers to fun and educational field trips that support physical activity and stimulates learning.


Performing Arts is the forte’ of Life Camp. Our goal is to help build confidence in our campers. When a child is confident, they become confident adults and are willing to confront fears and insecurities. They excel in their endeavors as a result. Confidence is one of the key elements of success in any profession. Life Camp offers numerous opportunities to develop confidence. Performing arts is one part of the Life Camp experience.

Every year, parents are amazed by the talent their children possess. The Life Camp finale production is designed to build confidence and create lasting memories. Our goal is to deposit positive experiences into the lives of our campers over the course of the summer.

Camp Fees:

Camp fees are paid weekly or parents can purchase the TOTAL ACCESS PASS which covers 8 weeks of camp at a 5% Discount. Visit the tuition page to learn more about Life Camp registration and fees. All payments final. No Refunds

One way to make summer camp more affordable is to spread the word! Any parent referring a NEW camper will receive a $50 credit towards the weekly tuition. The new camper must not have ever attended Life Camp to qualify. If the referring parent has more than one child attending Life Camp, credit can only be applied towards one child. The more campers you refer, the more you save!  (offer cannot be combined with other discounts and specials)


Support our children by becoming a sponsor of the Life Camp Finale’ production.


Life Camp Feedback

Life Camp is the best camp around. The people that run the camp are very professional! The registration site works well and the camp Director is hands on. He demands excellence from the staff.

My son Nathan attended Life Camp for 8 years (Nathan is now 15). He did not want to attend camp anywhere else! Life Camp teaches life skills along with daily trips. Each group’s focus is on the things that are age appropriate for their group. The Director is very approachable and I encourage you to reach out and attend an open house. The year end show is always a pleasure the campers can’t wait to show you what they’ve learned so plan to attend and bring the whole family!  J.N Butts – Clinton, MD