The Mission

For most Americans, the images of Africans and historical African-American figures has been negative. Images of men and women in some form of bondage is what typically comes to mind first. 

In modern times, the narrative is not much different. Whether it’s incarceration, substance addiction, extreme poverty or distress, people of color still fight the negative, inaccurate and one-sided depictions of people who look like them. 


Children are particularly susceptible to the influences of images. The goal of this program is to paint a more accurate picture of the history of those who are descendants of the African diaspora and other indigenous populations around the world. 


Who is this program for? 

This program is suitable for all children from any ethnic group. 



  1. Culture – Campers will learn about the history and culture of powerful African empires
  2. Cuisine – Campers will have a chance sample African cuisine 
  3. Fashion – Campers will be exposed to the different fashions from different parts of Africa
  4. Language – Campers will have an introduction to specific languages from different tribes 


Introducing The Adventures of Darren & Destiny 

“Mr. Jay” has created a children’s series around Darren and Destiny’s many travel adventures. Join them as they travel to different parts of the African diaspora and learn the history that is missing from most school curriculums.