Meet Jay Cameron

With a multi-faceted career that has spanned nearly 30 years, Jay Cameron’s expertise as an entrepreneur, speaker, playwright, community leader and philanthropist is unparalleled. 

With a multi-faceted career that has spanned nearly 30 years, Jay Cameron’s expertise as an entrepreneur, world traveler, speaker, playwright, community leader and philanthropist is unparalleled. Jay’s ventures have been featured in media publications and news outlets nationwide.

Jay’s live events and cutting edge, original stage productions have reached more than 200,000 people nationwide. Jay’s mission is to educate and inspire through entertainment.

Jay also founded Life Camp, Urban Change and the Maximum Impact Youth Online Success Academy. These are youth programs that focus on performing arts, life skills and money management. He has also created personal development and parenting workshops, financial detox classes and healthy relationships seminars.

Jay has a strong belief in giving back so that others can avoid costly mistakes and to live an accomplished life.

The Ghana Chronicles


Africa Immersion

Life Camp 2020 will introduce the Africa Immersion program which places an emphasis on learning about African history, culture, language, economics, cuisine and fashion. After spending more than ten weeks on the continent of Africa (visiting five countries) within 18 months, Jay recognized the importance of  teaching Life Camp and Maximum Impact participants about the real value of Africa. This program is a hands-on, comprehensive experience where campers have a chance to become immersed in the Africa that is rarely shared in America. 

The World Traveler

As a traveler, Jay’s interest shifted to African diaspora travel after a life-changing trip to Ghana. His experience opened the door to more exploration on the continent of Africa. Theses adventures led him to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and a Serengeti safari in Tanzania. Jay has also traveled to Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Togo, Benin and Salvador, Bahia in Brazil. 

As a result of Jay’s experiences, the Maximum Impact Travel movement was launched with an emphasis on African diaspora travels around the globe. Jay desires to introduce as many people as possible to the inspiring cultures, powerful history, profound education and wonderful people he encountered on his journeys. His passion and energy for African diaspora travel is evident the moment he shares one of his many experiences. 

Black History Before Slavery – 24/7




In 2020, Jay launched his “Black History Before Slavery” initiative to shine the light on the vast history of the African diaspora before the Arab and European slave trades. Culture, cuisine, art and history will be the focus of this campaign. Jay’s mission is to inspire people to learn more about the history that has been omitted from many curriculums. He also hopes to inspire others to visit the continent of Africa to see history first-hand and to expand their perspectives.